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Summer Season

I feel like I’m planting a new seed for this year.
I gain new real life friends this year thanks to my old friend. She introduced to me a awesome group of people with similar interests.

I won’t be sad about people judges me based on my appearance or accent for a while. Even though the past always hunt me or bug me. For people who were mean to me, karma will do a job for me.

Let’s see what I got this year.
I got a boyfriend.
Gain education from CalArts.
Got new friends.
My draw is getting better and discovering my style.

Now what? I’m waiting for classes that start at September.

I need a hiatus


Guys, I honestly am not the kind of person to throw a pity party for myself or really rant/vent online, but this whole YEAR has just SUCKED beyond all reason so far. I’ve recently started working two jobs, still looking for a replacement car, and I’m looking to going back to school in mid August. I’ve decided to take a small hiatus for a month or whatever will I work on myself/ try to get life back in order. 

Well I hope next year will be better for you.

This will become my rant blog…. not really.
I like people who decide to listen to my critques or suggestions. I feel trusted and I should be an art teacher.
I’m a good person to talk about animation industry, fine art and character design. I’m also happy to give critques to anything.
Beware that I won’t be sugar coating and I don’t want to see any adult materials.

Sometime I have to deal with online people on commission or art trade they own me.
I can wait/remeber for a year or more. But if you’re doing it for career or planning in working in company. You are seriously fired.


Just a question for my followers really here on tumblr.

I know I haven’t been doing rps and stuff other than reblogs and posting some artwork WIPs and some completed artworks its just..I was wondering on this.

Is my artwork any good, I mean I can see improvements in myself but to other people honestly, do you see improvement in my work or no? Any pointers? Tips?

If you’re very serious with your art or career. Then I can try to help you improve or point it out. You don’t have to take my critques.

Most of your artwork or anime drawing lack of anatomy or three dimensions feel.
Doesn’t matter it’s cartoon or anime, there always three dimension quality even it look flat in 2d animation. I’m a animation student major and all art school told us about it. So, I suggests study human anatomy or figure drawing. As for anime face, you can copy another artist style or convert realistic eye/face into shapes.

As for digital artwork, don’t use black outline except for darkest spot/shadow. Or make the outline so thin that it doesn’t distract the viewer. Study another anime artist or look for tutorial on Pixiv.
I’m not asking you to draw like another well known anime artist, but you can apply it to make your digital artwork look better.

I hope this help you and your artwork is improving.

This stranger with a Calarts icon on facebook is laughable.

He said the most cliques sentences I ever received.   I know English is his second language but please don’t write this on your artist statement.

"Calarts is my greatest dream.
I like Disney.
I like animation.”

He showed me no art portfolio.

If I come back from Calarts within two weeks, please don’t not ask me how to get in Calarts. However, I can tell you what not to put in the portfolio.
Also, I can tell you not to thrust anyone online. They’re completely wrong and it’s turning you into a wrong direction.

How was Calarts?

Calarts is no normal art school.  I was very happy with people that I hang out for only a summer.  I would not trade for anything.  I’m happy that I found the summer program.  Most of the models wears costume and we just draw what we see.  The professors was great and he took us to the adventures!


I was wondering about my friends back in my current college.  Most of them didn’t say “Happy Birthday”  to me.  One person like to put me down about Calarts.   Shcrew these people!
I think they’re jealous that I’m in the summer program or having better luck then them.  I just found this program and I traded my summer semester for Calarts. 

Thanks you everyone for saying “Happy Birthday” to me!  ^^

My professor and my roommate’s is awesome at Calarts!

I’m also pretty sad about my colleague back in my home college.   About three people only said happy birthday on Facebook.

I don’t know if they’re busy or barely used a computer.

Shrew you people. You’re dead to me.

When I’m back in the fall,  don’t ask me how to get into Calarts. 

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