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Tenkai Knights

It’s like watching Sd Gundam Force again but a little better. The character design is good.
I like how this show is getting more serious. This show is like a mixture of Transformers Cybertron and Sd Gundam
I would watch this show while eating my dinner.

Not bad overall. Something fresh and new to watch.


I made a comment on my real life friend’s reaction to Gundam music but she never wanted to watch a series. I wrote “I like G Gundam and Gundam Seed.”
Her other friend on Facebook said a G Gundam quote.
He saw my comment and sent a friend request. “I found a new friend!”


I like how the troll deactivate his deviantart account, but he’s not banned. I might worry that he might make another account and attack my friends again at some point.
I felt sorry for Nathan Stone.

I mean he just dream to ship between his oringal characters and Brass for a long time. He’s a good friend and I respect his pairing. His friends seem to respect him too. I seen nothing wrong with Jonathan x Brass. I’m fine seeing fanarts and fanfiction of his paring.

I don’t get this troll or person behind the screen. I understand it’s okay to dislike the pairing, but his actions and words is so awful and immature. If he’s just jealous that Medabot fans like his pairing, then he need learn about friendship. Maybe Jonathan rubbed his pairing on his face before and he created another account to attack. What this troll goal anyways? Who knows.

Final Word. It’s sad how someone behind the screen can get away. It’s like no one won the war and it’s only hurting my friend mentally. Currently he’s fine now and he still happy to see his friends.

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