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"Let’s keep in touch."

Even If I worked hard for nothing, as long my art skill goes up.
Few weeks ago, I have a meeting with my professor who works for DreamWorks.
She love my figure drawing and character design I made at LA. Plus she gave me some advice about animation. She said that college turned me into a right direction and making me look like an artist.

I also thank her for willing to write me a letter of recommendation for my dream school. It’s getting easier for her to write a postive letter since she looked at my recent art portfolio.
Well I feel like an only student who keep in touch with her.
Hard work does pays off.
Now for open house and show my stuff to admission on Saturday.

Someday, I will thank my family, friends and professors for supporting me.
One of my professor is can be very honest and I decide to listen to him. (For example, he ask me create facebook account, get a sketchbook and draw. Go to LA.)
I made Facebook and I can connect to many of my friends including professional artist.
I went to Los Angles as in study character design/figure drawing at summer program. Which is actually inspiring, educational and it made me look like modern artist. It’s like my little artistic egg have cracked to my unique voice.
Los Angles is a creative and entertaining place (obviously ) I want to go back and study there enough though it’s has some con’s.

Well I’m still in my area and my college to save money. Good thing my critical studies can tranfer so I don’t have to suffer.

Busy.. busy of course everyone is busy.
I’m currently putting my energy on my art portfolio and have the admission look at on Saturday.
I’m happy as a clam when I read my professor’s letter of reccomdation and willing to keep a touch with me.

Chocolate does make you happy.

Quiet creepy when someone read my emotion /life though art.
I been through a lot of stuff, but I’m still fine in my bubble.
I’m blessed by friendly students in my college. It’s different from an art colleges I went to or heard stories from other students. It’s a competitive world, but students in my college creates a postive vibe around.

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