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Here’s Lady Mushu! (I ain’t paid to do this.) Anyways I found Tom Bancroft on Devintart and he’s a creator or Mushu. I like some of his work and the books he published. I decide to challenge myself to draw a female Chinese Dragon for Musha. (It’s took me some ugly sketches until I got it)


About 14 students in the summer progam in all three animation classes?  Omg.  I feel so lucky and special……..  Last year my friend told it was 12 students in whole three classes. 

Fair enough….

Big name college

Whenever I said the “magic word” “Calarts”.
Everyone get surprised.  I feel like everyone will walk up to me and said “How do you get accepted into Calarts Summer program?” 
Plus some people are like ” meh. I can’t afford it.”. 

Its true that I got accepted into Animation program in Summer only.

I met a former Disney storyboard artist.

I found a storyboard artist who used to work for Disney and Dreamwork has facebook.  Is he real?  Of course, someone should know about art, the people and the college itself..  

When I first talked to him, he said he like my profile picture (which is a cartoon version of myself.).  My inside reaction is like “Eeeeeeeeee”.   Man, you don’t see Disney employee or animation professional on facebook very often.  I showed my sketchbook and ask questions.  Dang, he responded.  Today, I made a digital version of myself cartoon, post it on my page and he complimented. 

It’s like I’m friend with this person. Which is a good sign?

Does it sound like a big deal? Yes.  

Sigh.. I like my fine art teachers, it’s like I’m friends with them.

But me with graphic design related class, blah I feel like I’m in a wrong college.  I should be in real “fine art” school. Wait, it cost over 100,000 dollar for a big name art college!  Okay I’m gonna save my money in this college for less than 80,000 tuition for 4 year.

My sketching teacher Jim, he’s such a great teacher.  He made everything seem so simple.  He knows I’m interested in learning.

In this semester, my figure drawing teacher Susan H, she’s great!  She got pretty interesting background and she work for Dreamwork.  Her class changed my vision on the human body and faces.  It’s a sad thing that she don’t teach figure drawing 2.  Maybe I can find internship at Dreamwork?  Since Susan also teach students at internship in Dreamwork.   

I’m not too interested in Dreamwork, but meh.  Whatever I need to find internship at the big animation company.  

Enough babbling talk for now.  I’m happy this college found great fine art teachers and it cost me less.  



"The reason we looked into entertainment because. .. We want to escape reality. "

I personality think it’s true and reality is sad and boring.

Anyways, here some pen sketches I did few days ago.  This sketches are based on my emotions and an inspiration from Frozen. I missed my little gundams.

Yay, it’s good to see you still have your artistic touch :3

He Thanks. I always got the artistic touch and a heart.
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