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Angry bird Transformers? Not a bad idea.
Well, I like to see Plants vs Zombies Transformers parody.
Why? There’s some shooting in Plants vs Zombies Garden Wafare. Also we can play as Plant or Zombie.
Plants can be Autobot and Zombies can be Decepticon.
It’s like a endless war between Plants and Zombies.
Plants vs Zombies just feels more like Trasformers.

I don’t think I’m gonna reopen my ask box after last time I received a message from a troll with mutiple accounts.
It’s been quiet for a week, but I cannot assume that he’s giving up.
I don’t know exactly why he decide to attack on me on Tumblr.
Nathan doesn’t have Tumblr, so why mentioned him many time? Plus there’s thousands of people with a name Nathan Stone.
I think this is cyberbulling than a troll, since he told my friends and me “to die”.
Anyways I don’t know what he’s doing next.


Plates emerge on Gallade’s arms, and the helmet and cape-like protrusions on its head and back give it a knightly appearance. When the situation demands, Mega Gallade can use its psychic power to reshape both arms into blades simultaneously, and fight using a dual-wielding style.

When it Mega Evolves, its Ability changes to Inner Focus, so it’s protected from flinching. Its Attack and Speed stats improve, making this a Pokémon likely to excel at first-strike strategies.

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